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These are the general steps for adding a MS Exchange e-mail account onto an Android device if you have your own server.

(in this case Android version lolipop)

Click on to email
Click ‘+’ to Add an account then enter the sign in details
Type in your email address and password
Click Next
Select the type of account POP3, IMAP and Microsoft exchange(active sync)

  • Select Microsoft exchange if you have a server

The device may respond “unable to Connect”

Then click Next
Enter the email address again
Enter Domain\username
An example would be

  • cambridgenetworksolutions\hugh

Enter the password you use to log on to the network/PC
Enter the exchange server details
We can advise you on these details

  • Eg.
  • or enter your Broadband IP address

Click next

Click continue when asked about security issues

Your email account should now be set up



If you need further help configuring your handset please contact your mobile service provider