We can’t stress how important Backing up your data is!

We are seeing more and more people hit by Viruses and Ransomware.

The worrying thing is they can be destructive and encrypt all your files on the C: drive, then any attached drives (maybe even your backup drive) and then Network Shares / Network Drives.

This poses the question what will you do if one hits your computer, how would you feel?  Some people have been physically sick after discovering that all their personal photo’s have been lost, or their last backup was 12 months ago.

Cloud backup solutions as also not safe – unfortunately this will just synchronise any corrupted files to the cloud, although if it keeps versions, there maybe a way back.

So you can see how massively they can impact both individuals, home computers/laptops where we store years of digital pictures and memories/letters and documents and business data on servers.

Simple rules for home users

  • Ensure you have a backup , simple copy of files periodically to a portable hard drive or USB stick
  • Make sure the backup drive is not left connected to your computer all the time – only when making a backup
  • Ideally have two backup devices – if one fails you have another
  • Cycle and backup regularly
  • Disconnect your backup drive when not in use

Simple rules for business users

  • Ensure you have a local or full system backup
  • Ideally have a number of backup devices and cycle them periodically or daily
  • Maybe have a suitable Cloud based/Online Backup solution for critical information, databases and accounts information
  • Periodically take backups off site / out of the office


Please get in touch on 01223 852935 to discuss your current requirements or ways to improve what backup methods you currently have in place.

Remember, think how important your data is to you and don’t cut back and make savings when your memories or business will suffer.