With the ability to store data remotely, online backup is becoming more cost effective, more and more people are looking to online backup solutions.

Data is the life blood of every business. Constantly updated, renewed and revised, it can make the difference between success or failure. Secure offsite online data backup is a fundamental requirement as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Online offsite computer and server backup has many practical advantages over the more conventional backup methods CD or DVD, Zip drive, tape or external hard disk.

We provide secure online backup for small to medium sized companies. A simple no nonsense pricing structure and utilising leading edge technology of secure online data backup software application. A minimum fee or £35.00 per month up to and inclusive of 25 Gig of data and a simple backup pricing structure for our clients.

Full business archives from laptop backups and PC backups to central server backup including MS Exchange e-mail store, we handle your data backup storage requirements.

Business Package

The benefits of Online Backups are

  • Always have an off site copy of important company data in the event of a disaster
  • In the event of a local backup media or backup drive failure
  • Only modified / changed data is backed up to the off site storage
  • MS Exchange e-mail backup included.


  • Only pay for what you use  – Only pay for the amount of data stored after data is compressed
  • Backup software – Very easy to use Windows Application
  • Scheduled backups/multiple backup sets
  • Retain copies of deleted files for a set length of time
  • Secure data transfer and storage using high level AES encryption
  • Optional brick level individual MS Exchange e-mail account backup
  • No charge for the software
  • No long term contracts
  • UK based Data Centre’s